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Pirates of the Thames

'Ahoy ya scallywags'

You can have so much fun with pirates and they are one of those historical characters that all children are aware of in some capacity but really  when you think about it they are not really ideal candidates to teach our children about how we expect humans to treat others.
They stole, they fought and they drank all day long not to mention all the other naughtiness they got up to.

Well let me tell you I'm not coming in to your school to teach that 'NO!'. My role as Commander Blunt is to sway the young bilge-rats into joining my crew. Its true I haven't as yet found myself a boat but I can explain what life will be like on my ship, what treasures we are actually going after and what I expect from each of my crew. Not to mention Cannon operators training which I use to train a fresh crew how to fire a cannon in under 20 secs...full class participation but do not worry its not real.

Previous school talks we have had dressing up days and I have supplied for each child a goody bag with pencil, badge,gold coins and compass to mention but a few things. I also supply an activity and worksheet to complete while I am there.

Most will shout out that I am Captain Hook or Jack Sparrow but I will also teach about some of the various flags you'll expect to see, who they were and what they did.

Full of laughs and giggles but as with all my performances interaction and WOW factor guaranteed....maybe a bit of learning along the way.

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