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Medieval Knights
My most popular performance by far is the Hospitaller Knights of St John. I do not dwell on religion but these wonderful knights of Jerusalem were the battlefield surgeons of their day and are the founders of St John's Ambulance today. As the knight St John I not only show what a knight was wearing and his equipment but also some of his medical procedures all of which the children are expected to perform themselves albeit with a bit of imagination.
Not all my costumes carry a cross so mention this and I can come in one of my many other knights tabards that are suitable. St George is a popular knight talk each year and installs a sense of pride within all children.
I also reguarly perform as a knight templar and have been told I carry one of the most informative shows of what a templar was in the country.
As a knight let me WOW the children in the hall from the moment they first enter and see me .the first response I usually hear is "is he real?"....then followed by "look he's moving!"
This is when you know that children are seeing something they have never seen before and never likely too unless regular visitors to historical events.
I will explain all about my clothing and weaponry and the roles of the medieval knights. Just to add at this point do not be put off by the word 'weaponry' especially in schools as I have very strict controls on all of it and they are extremely blunt with children handling in mind.
Whether you are having a dress up day for knights and princesses or a celebration for St George's day then my child friendly talk on medieval knights is ideal to give an insight into what you are trying to teach and to kick start the kids' imaginations into creating wonderful pieces of work or questions that often come from no where.
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